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If I have an x86 CPU board with a PC 104 connector, will devices attached to
the PC 104 bus look to the software just like any device attached to the ISA
bus or do I need to write special drivers to control the peripherals?


Re: PC 104 Question

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Unless you buy a PC104 card that does something that a PC doesn't do,
(counter/timer/interupt boards and data aqusition boards are popular)
they look the same to your software.

Guy Macon <http://www.guymacon.com

Re: PC 104 Question

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Most cpu boards I've experienced look pretty much like a PC and devices hooked
to the 104 connector look about the way you'd expect if you were writing for a
PC under DOS, for example.  I suppose whether or not "special drivers" are
needed will depend some on what kind of operating system/environment you plan to
operate under and what the "devices" you are talking about actually do.  If you
have a board in mind and an environment, too, it shouldn't take more than a
phone call to the manufacturer to figure it out.  They usually offer some
example drivers, too, but they can help you with any technical questions.


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