PC/104 board design

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Has anyone designed a custom PC/104 board?  I may need to do that
soon.  Am I right in assuming that the PC/104 (not the plus) is
essentially the same as the ISA bus in pin functions?  All I need is
to define some I/O mapped input and output registers to interface with
my custom electronics.

-Robert Scott
 Ypsilanti, Michigan
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Re: PC/104 board design
On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 23:30:18 GMT, no-one@dont-mail-me.com (Robert
Scott) wrote in comp.arch.embedded:

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PC104 is very similar to the ISA bus, although the bus drive current
requirements are less and there are limits as to how much power a
peripheral board can draw from the bus.

You can download a copy of the standard here:


Jack Klein
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Re: PC/104 board design
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Yes, it really is that trivial. Almost anything will work. Watch the
trace lengths if there are other peripheral boards in the system or you
want to sell it, if it's just for you you can break a lot of rules
before things stop working.

Paul Burke

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