outdoor RF ad hoc network

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Hello all..

first things first, Im an absolute novice trying to provide guidance
on a project.

the details are for

- wireless outdoor network, a golf course - so some trees/clear LOS
- approx 20 nodes, ie node per hole
- some nodes would just be repeaters
- some nodes would be sensor equipped (ie prox card or swipe card) and
a display; or maybe bluetooth equipped (<10 metres)
- battery powered.
- very low data rate required, basically its time stamping an id at
each node.. so maybe a time stamp required at 10 minute intervals at
each node.
- at this point Im not putting a cost limit on it.. just exploring
options first.

so far my thoughts are a 900Mhz or 2.4GHz RF network, ive looked at
maxstream and aerocomm OEM options.
- can i run this as a linear network? ie multihop the information from
node to node back to the server.. where can i read up about this??
- 900Mhz has an excellent range, suitable for this app - but would
trees and landform elevation changes affect this greatly.
- maxstream makes no mention of multihopping in their docs.. is this
not a maxstream option?
- aerocomm has MeshRF technology but I think this is overkill because
the routes can be configured.

it cant be too hard since proprietary watering systems like
www.toro.com have wireless systems on golf course, and they're are
some very expensive GPS/radio systems for cart tracking on the market.

any links to docs or similar projects or comments would be helpful.


Re: outdoor RF ad hoc network

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The term to look for is 'sensor networks'. There is an enormous variety to
choose from.

For low datarates/low power Zigbee may be more suitable than Bluetooth.


Re: outdoor RF ad hoc network

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Fixed number of nodes.  Low data rate.  Why go wireless?  Run wire.

If you're clever, eliminate the batteries by making the nodes line powered


Re: outdoor RF ad hoc network
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I've been told that drilling rigs communicate with their down-hole
instruments by modulating the mud/slurry that they pump down to
lubricate the drill bit.  Something like a 1Hz modulation on the gunk.

I wonder if you could communicate with the sprinkler heads by modulating
the pressure of water in the pipe?  If you put a wee tiny waterwheel on
each sprinkler, you might leave out the batteries and power line ;)


Re: outdoor RF ad hoc network
Bert schrieb:

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Have a look at:

http://www.tinyos.net /

it can do this and more:)

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