OT: AT Modem TCP/IP link software

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Hi, sorry to post off topic but I greatly value the opionions of this
group and hope some of the experienced memebers can help with what i
would imagine is a common problem.

What i have is a couple of embedded pc's with iridium sateleite modems
(that support the AT command set) which run windows xp.

What i would like to do is put the modems into autoanswer mode, and
initiate a connection from one to the other. When no data is sent for
a while the link times out. When the link is up it appears as a
network interface which i can TCP/IP over.

Whilst i can setup windows dialup connections, i dont believe i can
get windows to recognise the link is up by DCD going high when it
autoanswers - windows would still show the link as down. I have
written some code to send data using my own protocol which esssentialy
does this, however i really want to run TCP/IP over the link.

I think this can be done in linux, however i am stuck with windows at
the moment. Does anyone know of any device driver wrappers that can
control the modem and make it appear as a network device as per my
requirements above?

Many thanks in advance,


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