OpenTCP and DHCP

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Hi, I've using OpenTCP with the MC9S12NE64 and need some extra
functionality from the built in DHCP-client. The device h'm building
has a web interface from which  you can configure the IP-address
settings for the device. If i choose DHCP and enter the host name for
the device i want to be able to access the device from it's host name.
But from what i understand it's only Windows2K and XP:s dhcp client
that has the functionality to notify the DNS server that they have a
host name (i think the protocol is called Dynamic host protocol). Does
anyone have  any knowledge about this protocol? And do you know of any
embedded IP-stack shat uses it? I'm considering implementing that
functionality in the Open TCP:s dhcp-client.

Best Regards

Johnny Karlsson

Re: OpenTCP and DHCP
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Take a look at WINS registration / lookup, which is how the name
registration works in a Windows environment.  Non-Windows devices won't
resolve the name, though.

Dynamic DNS is similar and not Windows-centric.  I haven't come across a
shop yet that had it deployed; most placed uses a classic DNS with
separate WINS servers for the Windows crowd.


Re: OpenTCP and DHCP
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Yep, it won't work only with DHCP. WINS or NetBIOS should do the trick
in Windows environment. Shouldn't be too difficult to implement the

Glad to see somebody using my code :-)


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