Online embedded web-server demo

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For anyone interested:


Re: Online embedded web-server demo

Hi Wilfred,
That's a very interesting approach. Are you actually embedding the C
compiler on the device, or it is all precompiled? What is the
footprint? What are the intended target platforms? Is this a new
company? Is this product for sale yet? How much?

Z-World also has a new scripting language for rapid web interface
development (for sale now for $149). It's called RabbitWeb. It runs on
Z-World/Rabbit Semiconductor platforms. It operates on program
variables and structures to eliminate complex CGI programming. Here's
the hangman program source code and HTML ported to RabbitWeb:

// <pre>
#define TCPCONFIG      1
#define USE_RABBITWEB  1

#use "dcrtcp.lib"
#use "http.lib"
#use "rand.lib"

#ximport "/hang.zhtml" index_html
#ximport "/hang0.gif"  hang0gif
#ximport "/hang1.gif"  hang1gif
#ximport "/hang2.gif"  hang2gif
#ximport "/hang3.gif"  hang3gif
#ximport "/hang4.gif"  hang4gif
#ximport "/hang5.gif"  hang5gif
#ximport "/hang6.gif"  hang6gif
#ximport "/hang.c"     csource

   SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE("/", index_html),
   SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE("/index.zhtml", index_html),
   SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE("/hang.c", csource),
   SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE("/hang0.gif", hang0gif),
   SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE("/hang1.gif", hang1gif),
   SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE("/hang2.gif", hang2gif),
   SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE("/hang3.gif", hang3gif),
   SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE("/hang4.gif", hang4gif),
   SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE("/hang5.gif", hang5gif),
   SSPEC_RESOURCE_XMEMFILE("/hang6.gif", hang6gif)

   SSPEC_MIME_FUNC(".zhtml", "text/html", zhtml_handler),
   SSPEC_MIME(".html", "text/html"),
   SSPEC_MIME(".gif", "image/gif"),
   SSPEC_MIME(".c", "text")

struct Word
   char* clue;
   char* answer;

struct Word * wrd;
char guess[20], newGuess[40], prompt[80], hint[20];
int  noOfUsedGues, mode, currentgif, chr;

#web chr;
#web prompt
#web newGuess
#web noOfUsedGues
#web hint
#web currentgif
#web mode

const struct Word wordDB[] = {
   {"action", "drool"}, {"action", "forecast"}, {"action", "forget"},
   {"action", "jump"}, {"action", "panic"}, {"action", "quash"},
   {"action", "snore"}, {"action", "talk"}, {"action", "walk"},
   {"activity", "boating"}, {"activity", "repair"}, {"activity",
   {"activity", "sleep"},{"activity", "surfing"},
   {"animal", "aardvark"}, {"animal", "adder"}, {"animal", "beaver"},
   {"animal", "bison"}, {"animal", "cardinal"}, {"animal", "cariboo"},
   {"animal", "cat"}, {"animal", "donkey"}, {"animal", "elephant"},
   {"animal", "koala"}, {"animal", "otter"}, {"animal", "rabbit"},
   {"animal", "raccoon"}, {"animal", "rodent"}, {"animal", "shark"},
   {"animal", "sheep"}, {"animal", "squirrel"}, {"animal", "tiger"},
   {"antique", "china"},
   {"band", "nirvana"}, {"band", "rush"}, {"band", "ventures"},
   {"creature", "elf"},  {"creature", "hobbit"},  {"creature",
   {"creature", "troll"},  {"creature", "unicorn"},  {"creature",
   {"creature", "warewolf"}, {"drink", "cola"},
   {"drink", "juice"},
   {"event", "drama"}, {"event", "mirage"}, {"event", "siesta"},
   {"event", "stampede"},
   {"food", "apple"}, {"food", "butter"}, {"food", "caesar salad"},
   {"food", "cashew"}, {"food", "celery"},
   {"food", "cheese"}, {"food", "chestnut"},
   {"food", "cream"},  {"food", "donut"},
   {"food", "grape"}, {"food", "honey"},
   {"food", "icecream"}, {"food", "limburger"},
   {"food", "milk"}, {"food", "noodle"}, {"food", "orange"},
   {"food", "pasta"}, {"food", "pizza"}, {"food", "potato"},
   {"food", "spice"}, {"food", "sugar"}, {"food", "tomatoes"},
   {"food", "turnip"},
   {"game", "cards"}, {"game", "golf"}, {"game", "pacman"},
   {"icon", "barbie"}, {"icon", "frosty"}, {"icon", "grinch"},
   {"icon", "gumby"},  {"icon", "lucy"},  {"icon", "popeye"},
   {"icon", "snoopy"}, {"icon", "waldo"},
   {"invention", "velcro"},
   {"person", "enemy"}, {"person", "giant"}, {"person", "hero"},
   {"person", "husband"}, {"person", "kennedy"}, {"person", "nixon"},
   {"person", "youngster"},
   {"place", "amsterdam"}, {"place", "athens"},  {"place", "beach"},
   {"place", "bob"}, {"place", "buffalo"}, {"place", "calgary"},
   {"place", "canada"}, {"place", "detroit"}, {"place", "downtown"},
   {"place", "england"}, {"place", "gorge"}, {"place", "graceland"},
   {"place", "hotel"}, {"place", "hotel"}, {"place", "india"},
   {"place", "japan"}, {"place", "land"},  {"place", "library"},
   {"place", "london"}, {"place", "norway"}, {"place", "oslo"},
   {"place", "ottawa"}, {"place", "quadrant"},  {"place",
   {"place", "rink"}, {"place", "toronto"}, {"place", "victoria"},
   {"place", "village"}, {"place", "zoo"}, {"plant", "daffodil"},
   {"plant", "eggplant"}, {"plant", "ivy"}, {"plant", "spinach"},
   {"plant", "tulip"},
   , {"profession", "bard"},{"profession",
   {"profession", "lawyer"}, {"profession", "sorcerer"},
   {"state", "alaska"},
   {"subject", "geography"},
   , {"taste", "salty"},
   {"tool", "anvil"}, {"tool", "buffer"}, {"tool", "hook"}, {"tool",
   {"tool", "lasso"}, {"tool", "pickaxe"}, {"tool", "pliers"},
{"tool", "plow"},
   {"tool", "screwdriver"}, {"tool", "wrench"},
   {"toy", "kite"},{"toy", "slinky"},
   {"trouble", "tribble"}

   int chCorrect, i;

   mode = -1;
   http_set_path("/", "index.zhtml");

     if(mode== -1){
         mode = 0;


     if(noOfUsedGues == 6){
         mode = 1;
         noOfUsedGues = 0;

     if(chr)  {
        chCorrect = 0;
        for(i = 0 ; i < strlen(wrd->answer) ; i++)  {
          if(wrd->answer[i] == (char)chr) {
             guess[i] = newGuess[2*i] = (char)chr;
             chCorrect = 1;
        if( !strcmpi(guess, wrd->answer) )
          noOfUsedGues = 7; /* 7 signals "You Won!!!" */
        else if(chCorrect == 0) {
        sprintf(prompt,"You have %d guesses left!", 6-noOfUsedGues);
        chr = 0;

    int wordDbIndex, i;

    wordDbIndex = rand16() % (sizeof(wordDB) / sizeof(wordDB[0]));
    wrd = &wordDB[wordDbIndex];
    for(i=0; i<strlen(wrd->answer); i++){
        newGuess[2*i] = '_';
        newGuess[2*i+1] = ' ';
    newGuess[2*i] = 0;
    guess[strlen(wrd->answer)] = 0;
    currentgif = 0;
    chr = 0;
    noOfUsedGues = 0;
    strcpy(prompt,"Guess your first letter of the above unknown
// </pre>

********* HTML SOURCE ************

  <head><title> hangman </title></head>
  <body bgcolor="white" text="#000010" link="blue" vlink="#ff00ff"

    <div align=center>
      <font color="#ff3333" size=+5>H</font>
      <font color="#cc6633" size=+5>a</font>
      <font color="#999900" size=+5>n</font>
      <font color="#33cc33" size=+5>g</font>
      <font color="#339999" size=+5>m</font>
      <font color="#3366cc" size=+5>a</font>
      <font color="#0033ff" size=+5>n</font>

 <?z if($mode <= 0) { ?>
    <div align=center>
      <font size=+3 color="#336699">
      <?z if($mode == 0) { ?>
            <?z  echo($newGuess)) ?>
      <?z } ?>
      <?z if($noOfUsedGues == 7) { ?>
          <p>Game Over - You Win!</p>
      <?z } ?>
    <div align=center>
      <img src="./hang<?z echo($currentgif) ?>.gif" height="150"
            <p><?z echo($prompt) ?></p>
          <font color="#0033ff">hint : <B><?z echo($hint)
          <?z for($A97%; $A<123; $A++) { ?>
            <form action="./index.zhtml" method="post" >
            <input type="hidden" NAME="chr" VALUE="<?z echo($A) ?>">
            <input type="submit" value="<?z printf("%c",$A) ?>">
        <?z } ?>
<?z } ?>

<?z if($mode==1) { ?>
    <div align=center>
      <font size=+3 color="#336699">
      <p><?z echo($newGuess) ?></p>
    <div align=center>
      <img src='./hang6.gif' height15%0 width15%0>
            <font size=+3 color="#ff3333">
              Game over.
            <font size=+2 color="#3333cc">
              The correct answer is <B><?z echo($hint) ?></B>.
<?z } ?>

      <form action="./index.zhtml" method="post" >
           <input type="hidden" NAME="mode" VALUE="-1">
            <input type="submit" value="Start New Game">

        <a href = "./hang.c" target="_blank">view C source code</a>
        <a href =
" "
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Re: Online embedded web-server demo
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The CSP and the C code generated by the CSP compiler is precompiled and
embedded into the executable. Read the white papers.

The link is to a Motorola Coldfire 5272
board, which is powered by MQX from ARC.

More info:

Re: Online embedded web-server demo
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Cool stuff (except for the $10,000 price tag - ouch!). I'd have to
limit the RabbitWeb version to one player at a time because users
change program variables. Does a single Coldfire board handle mutliple
instances of the game for your demo or is there a bank of them?.

Re: Online embedded web-server demo

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Well, yes, that should be obvious.
How do you manage to mix up multiple instances of the game and the
hardware? Maybe you need to read up on web-development. You can start of
by reading this:

The Old Saying Goes, RTFM

Re: Online embedded web-server demo

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Wilfred, enjoy!

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