OEM optical scanner module

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I am looking for a small optical scanner to design into a piece of
portable equipment.
A business card scanner would work, except that the items being scanned
are fairly fragile, and feeding them through the scanner would cause
Something like a small flat bed would be ideal. The items being scanned
are a maximum of 50x75 mm (2" x 3"), colour is required, and a minimum
resolution of 600dpi. Within those parameters, the smaller the better.
Although I would prefer an OEM module that can be fitted into our
custom enclosure, I would be satisfied with an off the shelf unit.
Any leads would be appreciated.
The alternative solution would be to build our own module, however the
mechanical side would probably be a bit of stumbling block, however
links to suitable bits and bobs would also be useful.

Re: OEM optical scanner module

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I was looking at this sort of thing some time back, IIRC googling  "contact
scanner opto linear array" turned up some stuff. I found a range of modules,
some with integrated contact scan lens.

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