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Hi all,

we are on the point of taking the decision of buying Nucleus PLUS to be used
in a new device (quite similar to a mobile phone and using OMAP5910). The
only point against it is we don't know too many examples of Nucleus working
in  'popular' devices/products and, since we have no experience in RTOS at
all, our bosses doesn't trust Nucleus means against others like OSE,
Integrity. Does anyone know any example?

Also, does anyone know any site or article where an independet analisys of
Nucleus appears??

Thanks a lot,

Re: Nucleus PLUS

We've evaluated Nucleus Plus for a while and we also compared with other
IMHO there are enough other OSs around who do the same job but are cheaper
and more compatible with the outer world.

E.g the if you want to use TCP/IP with your device you can also use Nucleus,
but if you want to use for example an open source webserver like e.g.
GoAhead you get in trouble. The TCP/IP stack of Nucleus is compatible with
nothing. They even don't have implemented a BSD compatible interface.
Some mean this is company politics cause they are also pleased to sell you
their own webserver.
Many TCP/IP functions have parameters who are until know absolutly useless,
in the description often declared as "Not used by Nucleus".

Every function they have starts with NU_, they've even redefined TRUE into
NU_TRUE and FALSE into NU_FALSE. Due of this a development environment who
supports cross references will lead you all the time into their nucleus.h,
e.g. a doubleclick on NU_CreateTask will lead to
#define NU_CreateTask    TCC_Create_Task
which then is the real name of the function which is called and so on.

The docs they have are useless listings of functions in pdf format in which
they don't even describe the structures they are using. So if you don't have
the source your are really in trouble. They are even not able to give you a
help file (hlp, chm or whatever) which could be integrated into your
development environment.

They also offer you a C++ version of the OS called Nucleus Plus C++ which is
a simple wrapper around their c functions in which they don't even made it
to create a global cout/cin stream. As i can remember you have to call some
odd cout() static memberfunction of some class to gain access to the output

Only my five cents to the thread, maybe others see it different. I don't
like it thats a fact.

If you have more time for evaluation have a look on other, even cheaper OSs
like Precise/MQX or SMX

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