NMI on Malta board with MIPS core

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Hi ,

     I am working on MIPS platform.

     I recently received a new MIPS32-4Kc 200 MHz core board, and i am
facing problem with it.

     I already have two Malta (rev-10) working boards, one (old) with
80 MHz Mips32-4kc core and other (new) with 125 MHz core.

     I tried the 200MHz core board on both the Malta boards, by
replacing the existing cores on them.

     When we power-up the board, it is comming properly upto the boot
loader YAMON prompt,
    and also able to download the Linux kernel file on to the board.

     But the problem is,
     1. it is getting restarted while the OS is booting-up on old Malta
     2. it is getting NMI (non-maskable interrupt) while the OS is
booting-up on new Malta board


    MIPS core :
                     A) Processsor:
                          MIPS 4Kc-HC-3.7
                          SMIC.18 Rev 01
                          CMSC, INC

                     B) System controller:

                     C) Crystal :
                          100 MHz

                     D) SDRAM:
                          64 MB - PC100

can anyone help me to get out of this problem.
Thanks in advance.


Re: NMI on Malta board with MIPS core
Hi all,
one more update to my situation is that ,
when i bypass the PLL with a jumper on the core..
it is booting up properly!!.
That is it is booting up at 100 MHz but not on 200 MHz.

But I want it to run on 200 MHz ...
any possible solution?


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