Newbie to RTOS ; need some sample code

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Hi RTOSians,
  I am a newbie to the world of RTOS programming( vxworks,psos ).
I came to know from one post here that there is some code shipped with
psos which is a good place to start for learning. I wanted to compile
this code on our board here. I donot have access to this code. we have
psos and arm combo here. If anybody has these examples please pass it
on to me,
I have enquired in my friends in embedded and nobody seems to have it.
I would be obliged for the same.
pls note that i need for academic interest only and not for any thing

Simone Mehta.

Every man is the architect of his own fortune.- Appius Claudius
Carcus, c. 200 B.C.

Re: Newbie to RTOS ; need some sample code
If you have purchased psos,there are some sample programs which comes
along with the package for you to try with.You goto project folder and
see in user folder and there you will find sample projects included
for trying.I advice you to first under the concepts of psos before
jumping into programming and also understand how to use the tool
.becos programming is easier once u under concepts and tools
properly.U can alternatively goto where u will
find some vxworks sample code for trying vxworks and psos are almost
same in way of working,so u can understand code in vxworks and try to
mimic it in psos and try it.Have fun.Google for rtos labs and will
encounter enbryriddle.

Hope this helps,
s.subbarayan (Simone Mehta) wrote in message
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