Newbie PLD Register Usage Question

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Greetings all,

I am trying to build a SPI Device that has Enhanced GPIO's (Yes i kno
that there are some on the market, but i am looking for specfi

I would like to have internal configuration registers, etc, that can b
read by the MCU, but i am unsure as to available register resources on th
PLD (at the moment i am thinking about a 22V10).

Using ABEL...

When i declare a signal as type 'reg' does it chew up one of the devic
I/O pin registers, and limiting the total number of registers for state
vars, etc to the total number of pins on the device ?

Or can it create D-Flip Flops using the Nand array only ?

Thanks in advance for your help !
-Lenny Story


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Re: Newbie PLD Register Usage Question

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resources on the
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You'll need at least 8 bits for the data register, without any cointrol
logic.. get a bigger PLD- say a Lattice 1016 or a Xilinx XCR3064, both
64 registers.

Paul Burke

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