Newbie help with PicBasic and Noritake Display

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Hello all,

I am just getting started with my first Basic Stamp project, and it
sure is neat! I have done plenty of PLC programming before and its so
cool to have similar functionality in such a small, affordable unit!

Anyhow, I have a Noritake CU20025CPB-T20A Serial VFD display. I set
the jumpers to 9600/No Parity. I can send it text and it displays fine.
I just have a question about how to access the special features of the
display, such as clearing the screen, turning the cursor off, etc. I
downloaded the spec sheet, and for example, it says "Clear Display-
0EH". What do I do with this information? Hehe, my newbie-ism is
shining brighter and brighter here, forgive me :). I tried serout'ing
"0EH" and it just prints "0EH" on the display. I kinda figured that
wasn't it. Anybody know what to do here?

Thanks a ton!

Re: Newbie help with PicBasic and Noritake Display

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Don't you just hate that when you figure something out right after you
post? In answer to myself, convert the Hex 0EH to Decimal 14 and serout
[14]. Taa-daa...

Thanks for humoring me...

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