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Ok, so I decided to build a LC meter based on 89c2051 microcontroller.
I have 35 yrs experience in electronics and I have limited experience
flashing at90s2313 with a home made programmer.

So I made the python programmer and used py2051.exe to program
the 89c2051.    see

I cannot get the blink led test circuit to work....
I do get a burn success message  but very very fast!
If I for eg, left the chip out it gives an error msg, likewise if I
the power, likewise if I unplug the 25pin  printer cable...
so it seems to be doing something.
I am using a celeron d processor at 2.9g hz and win XT

Maybe my computer is too fast?

Also the circuit is so very simple and basic..... but the only time I
can get
oscillation is by using a 4 mHz xtal .   10mHz and 11.05mHz xtals show
a flat
oscilloscope trace.  Also only pin 4 shows oscillation never pin 5.
Is this normal?  Should a chip whether programmed or not show a clock
(oscillation) ?   Maybe I have bad chips? I bought them from Digikey.
This is very frustrating for me with all my electronic backgnd... but I
can bear it (smile)

All I want is to be able to program a chip just to use in my LC meter

Thanks for any reply....

Re: newbie help, Please
Instead of a scope, I used a freq counter and found out
that there IS oscillation. So now I strongly suspect that the problen
in the programming.
Any ideas?

Thanks again

Re: newbie help, Please
You might want to check the pulses coming from the PC's printer port to
the AT89C2051.  Do they look right on a scope?  If you aren't getting
any pulses, maybe your Windows XP is blocking access to the port.

Have you loaded the DriverLINX Port I/O Driver ?  That's the one I use,
and it does work OK.  I am not sure why SST doesn't have it on their
site anymore, though.

mw wrote:
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Re: newbie help, Please
Thanks MW for the reply... I am glad to know someone is helping me.
Yes the DriverLINX is installed ( it is part of installdriver.exe that
with the program)
I ran it on an older computer with Win98.
Also I used blowit.exe (under dos) with both computers.
Still no luck.  I do get good messages during prograamming,
such as   reading, writing, and success.
At this point I strongly suspect that I need a good working HEX file
to test  it with....
Do you have any know good simple hex file to try?
Much, much Thanks,
Oh, I have the scope at a different place from the computer.
Aand I wouldnt know what trace to look for.

mw wrote:
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