Need to parse post-mortem stack dump for MIPS

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I have a shipping product based on an embedded MIPS R4000 built with
CodeWarrior (3.5 or 4.2) and running under targetOS.

Currently, I have no way of seeing the stack frame for any task unless
I'm in the CW IDE, and even then I can only see the running task.

I am confident I can dump the stack for each targetOS task, but
interpreting the darned thing once I get it is a different story.

I'd be happy if I could just get the call sequence. If I could get
variable contents, that would be gravy.

I understand that MIPS requires inside information on the compilation
of the code to unwind the stack frame, but I can't tell if CodeWarrior
is using a standard file format for debug information.

Currently the best idea I have is to pick apart the gdb source to
extract the code necessary to unwind the stack frame, and somehow
determine the format of the CW debug info and hammer it into shape such

that the gdb guts can understand it.

This is more work than I can budget to the effort.

Better ideas, anyone?

Anybody know:
 - The format used for debug info in CW?
 - Of existing code to parse stack dumps for MIPS?
 - If there is a cheap and easy way to determine just the return
address values?

    - Tim.

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