Need schematic to make programmer for PIC18 family PICs

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I would like to build my own programmer for Microchip PICs. There are
many schematics on the Internet available but I can't seem to find
exactly what I want. What I would like is something that provides all
(or most) of the following functions:

* Can program PIC18 family of devices (or all of the major PIC families
if possible)

* In-circuit programming (not debugging): the electronics used for
programming need to be physically separated somehow from the
electronics of my own application circuit. However, if the number of
parts needed just for the programming section is relatively small, I
have no problem including these on my application board. The idea is
that I attach my application circuit to the programmer and program the
PIC. Then I remove my application circuit from the programmer and can
use my circuit immediately. This makes updating the firmware
convienient. I prefer not to have to remove PIC chips from sockets.

* The hardware needs to be supported by some well known software
application that will be used to flash the PICs.

* USB is the preferred interface between my PC and the programmer
although parallel and serial ports will also do.

* Would be nice to also have a schematic of a general purpose
development board containing LEDs, buttons, etc that are interfaced to
the PICs so that general breadboarding can be carried out. This
breadboard (development board) should also be separated from the actual
programming circuit. I realize that this is dependent on the actual PIC
type but if there is a schematic for prototyping PIC18 family (or
related PICs), that is what I could use.

Any partial suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks again
Johann Blake

Re: Need schematic to make programmer for PIC18 family PICs
What about a bootloader ?
either through RS232 or USB,
works great.
Stef Mientki wrote:
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Re: Need schematic to make programmer for PIC18 family PICs
Stef, could you be a little more specific. What's a bootloader, what
hardware and software do you need to make it work?


Re: Need schematic to make programmer for PIC18 family PICs
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Check out the EasyProg and QuickProto boards from Embed, Inc.: /

Documentation for both is on-line, and you can buy the EasyProg
in kit form (or just a bare board).

-- Dave Tweed

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