need help finding voice modem

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I need to find a basic rs232 voice modem for a proof of concept device.
  The final product will have the functionality built in but for now I
need an external solution.

The application will generate DTMF codes, and send a voice message.  The
modem needs basic hayes commands, enough to go off hook and dial out,
send a message and hang up or hold the line open.  ARM9 processor
running a uLinux distro.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: need help finding voice modem
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You don't need a modem, just normal POTS service and at most a
relay to connect/disconnect.  Then it is your choice between DTMF
and pulse dialling.  

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Re: need help finding voice modem
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This is possible with the ZyXEL U1496E(+) series of modems.  However,
you will need quite a bit of time to get it to work, and even then it
wont be very reliable.  I would recommend you to not use a modem at all,
but rather a line-interface module (MITEL does some, IIRC MH44288 or so
is a product code to look for).  These convert the phone line into
audio-in and audio-out, plus control lines to pickup/hangup.  This line
interface, an ADC/DAC and off you go.  No Hayes, no char-pacing, no
CELP, no stuck sessions, no nothing.

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