Need feedback on potential CPU's

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We are (re)starting an embedded I/O PCI HBA project.  Initially we
started with the PPC440GP, but found some information that indicated
there could be performance issues with the DMA.

We're interested in hearing about alternatives based on your

Here are our requirements.  Thanks in advance for any info.

The "chip" must have:

A) a built in PCI-X interface capable 64 bits wide at 133 MHz.
We could still meet our bandwidth goals  if we had to back
off to only a 64 bit 66MHz (512MB/s) built in PCI interface.  But the
133M PCI-X interface is preferred.

B) a local bus that can connect to my FPGA, with a minimum local
of 266MB/s (e.g., 32 bits at 66MHz) the local bus bandwidth of 400MB/s
is desirable

C) four demand mode DMA controllers.

D) CPU compute capability equivalant to a 32 bit CPU running at 133MHZ
clock, preferably higher

E) The chip needs to supports 3.3V PCI signaling.  That
means a "universal" or "3V" PCI

I prefer this is a single off the shelf standard chip.  A solution
multiple chips or a solution that implements the CPU and PCI-X
interface as
logic cores within a FPGA are undesirable, due to board real estate
constraints and development cost and time.


Re: Need feedback on potential CPU's

I'm a Xscale guy and so I did a search at Intel XScale based
IO-Processors with PCI-X Interface(s) and found ie. IOP331, IOP321. I
don't know exactly if they fit your needs.

Best regards,


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