NEC 78Kxx controllers

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Hello All,

Can anybody tell how advantageous NEC's 78Kxx core over x51 core with the
same hardware features?
Thank you.


Re: NEC 78Kxx controllers

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Far better instruction set, especially for a compiler.  Fewer instructions
to achieve anything useful.
More easily available in Japan, and more readily accepted by Japanese
Many more bellylaughs reading the Manuals and more satisfaction from the
voyage of discovery to determine what the status and control registers
*really* do.
No more agonizing over which manufacturer to buy your parts or compilers


Re: NEC 78Kxx controllers
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You forgot:

* Challenge and thrill of soldering down TQFP emulation sockets, and
the skill-test of keeping the board functional long enough to debug
your code.

* No more annoyance of having to stare at boxes of micros while you
wait for other parts to arrive. The leadtimes are practically five
months. (And the leadtimes on flash variants are practically the same
as on masked variants).

Penny per feature, the ATmega series is much cheaper and considerably
easier to work with, plus it has JTAG. In fact, the flash ATmega is
cheaper than the equivalent mask-ROM 78K0.

Re: NEC 78Kxx controllers
Hi Mehta,

over the original 51 there is a speed advantage and there was once a
price advantage,  With 2 clock cores from Philips (LPC900 family) and
Infineon (C800-family) or even some (sort of) single clock cores like
Silicon Labs, the new generation 51s are faster, they are cheaper for
the smaller flash devices due to strong competition and with the Keil
development tools you get better tools than any 78k tool.

There statements are a combination of experience and a little opinion

Mehta Shailendrakumar wrote:
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