N to 1 to M SMS based telemetry

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We have N number of sensors in GSM and GPRS covered area.
We want from these sensor to send their measurements on pre-defined times to
a centre for data collection.
Sensor data length around 80bytes and each sensor as 4 byte long unique
identification number.
Sensors are build around AVR or PIC based controllers
Time to time center (a PC) may send commands to one or multiple sensors to
change their measurement rate.

My question is what type of HW and SW components are there in the market for
SMS based telemetry that we can use in above mentioned application.

Thank you.


Re: N to 1 to M SMS based telemetry

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There are complete industrial phones, equipped
with a serial interface and an AT commandset
identical to the modems years ago.

The rest is a few lines of code, both on a Windows
PC and on some PIC/AVR firmware.

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Re: N to 1 to M SMS based telemetry
While working for Vodafone I had a great deal of success with these chaps.
Great products, excellent support.

http://www.falcom.de /

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