MSP430 External Clock

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Hi All,

On any other chip external clocking would be a very simple thing, but
not on the MSP430F437 it seems. Has anyone managed to externally clock
XT1 with 32kHz (or thereabouts ?) I am having trouble with the chip
giving me LFOF and shutting off ACLK (which is the whole reason for
clocking XT1 - I'm using the LCD). Works just fine with a watch crystal,
but I want to dispense with it and use an external 4060.

For technical reasons I can't use just XT1 and the FLL. The DCO
generates too much PWM jitter for my application. And for unknown
reasons the LCD drive is quite inflexible in its choice of clock source,
so I can't just hook my X MHz crystal up to XT1 either.


Mike Page BEng(Hons) MIEE 

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