MSP 430 opinions?

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To help narrow my search, could anyone who has used TI's MSP430 please
offer a brief opinion as to the advantages, if any, of it over other
alternatives for DSP?


Re: MSP 430 opinions?
MSP430 in NOT a DSP.

What is it you want to know ???

Jim Sanders wrote:
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Re: MSP 430 opinions?
On Sat, 03 Jul 2004 08:20:54 +1000, the renowned Jim Sanders

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Some models have a 16 x 16 hardware multiplier.

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Spehro Pefhany
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Re: MSP 430 opinions?
snipped-for-privacy@interlogDOTyou.knowwhat says...
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IIRC, the clock rate (at least in the MSP43F149 I've used) tops out
at 8MHz.  If you're planning to use it for DSP,  your input signals
better not have a very high bandwidth.  I do like the fact that it
has two serial interfaces (which can be UARTS or Synchronous),
a 12-bit ADC, and pretty capable timers.

Mark Borgerson

Re: MSP 430 opinions?
Also some models have very low power consumption, which is nifty in some
Good Luck.

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Re: MSP 430 opinions?

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I really enjoy the msp430. We use them at work for most of our
microcontroller needs. They come in many pinouts from 20 pins on up. The
MLP package is very small. The assembly language is straight forward RISC
type. There is a freeware gcc compiler for it called mspgcc, which is
fairly mature and has a very friendly listserv. The development boards are
fairly cheap and you can get them from olimex (just google search for
olimex msp430). It's also fairly easy to make your own boards to play
with, if you know how to do pcb layout at all. Also you don't want to use
these for DSP's unless you have very light duty processing needs, much
better to use one of the SHARC family dsp's or something from TI.


Re: MSP 430 opinions?
Hi Jim,

The MSP430 offers some great features that others don't. You can, for
example, keep a realtime clock running in there and it still consumes
just a few microamps. But one word of caution: It is intended for 3.3V
apps and lower, you cannot easily use them for 5V stuff. This can also
make driving larger FETs a bit harder.

Regards, Joerg

Re: MSP 430 opinions?
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MSP430 most would call a Microcontroller, not a DSP.
If you really want DSP, look at

TI now have FLASH, ROM, and RAM variant offerings in this family.
Why RAM ? - it boots from cheap SPI memory, and means they
can run faster than Flash.


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