MPC852T FEC Driver

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could anyone know wher can I find a device driver C source code  for
the Fast Ethernet Controller of the MPC852T chip of Freescale.

Thanks in Advance


Re: MPC852T FEC Driver
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You may be able to find them (as example code) at RedHat under the drivers
for Linux or some form of embedded Linux.

A search turned up this link:

This hints that this device may be covered by one or more Linux drivers.

I've found the Linux code base to be very helpful.  For example, when I was
doing V850 development, the Linux memcpy() and other related functions were
helpful to see the best way to deal with alignment issues efficiently.


Re: MPC852T FEC Driver

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I am planning to Buy a Freescale 852T board for experimenting with
Embedded linux. Do I go for their CodeWarrier also or I can get some
free ELDK /application notes for this.

I just thought, before buying I will ask an expert like you.

Manoj Padhi
Technical Advisor

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