MPC555 evaluation board -- axiom pb-0555 or freescale MPC55PB

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I want to buy a MPC555 evaluation board for my personal learning.
One requirement is it should be usable with Linux/Gnu software as
development platform.

I see two boards at around USD200.
Axiom pb-0555   --- google shows lot of people use it
Freescale MPC55PB  -- google shows less results

onchip 26KB RAM will be good enough to start with.

It appears that pb-0555 has no onboard RAM and Flash so I have to add
on by myself.

MPC55PB schema from freescale site shows two MCM69F737TQ ICs on the
board. MCM69F737TQ is 4Mbit so it should be 1 MB on board RAM.
This will not be sufficient if I try linux on the board so I have to
add memory in that case. But still lot of things could be tried with
1MB on board RAM.

Another aspect is Simple Monitor/Programmer in Flash. Both boards have

what would be simplest rtos to start with and which board is more
useful. Just asking for sake of it as these boards are just MCU with
I/O lines connected to headers :)

pb-0555 comes with BDM option for extra USD100. I am not sure if it
will work on using linux for BDM debugging.
Or Is it rather suggested to use macraigor wiggler? Does the same
wiggler h/w from macriogor work with ARM7TDMI based LPC2294 board from

It will be helpful to me if someone can share their opinion on this.
I think axiom to be more useful if I see presence of content on web.

- Surinder

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