Motorola LJ12 LCD Problem

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Has anyone seen any weirdness on the LCD waveforms (1/3 duty, 1/3 bias) on
Motorola 68HC908LJ12 processors.

I have several silicon chips, and one emulator, that are making a waveform
that cannot possibly 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4 duty cycle output on all
the backplane outputs. (the frame rate is correct at 43 Hz, VLCD2 is 0 when
it should be 1/3*Supply Voltage, and there is another voltage that is
1/2*VDD instead of 1/3*Voltage)

Waveform observed with a good crystal 32.768khz and software halted at a

Double-checked the constants in the lcd control and clk registers by reading
them back... I am mystified...just waiting on Motorola for a call back on
any errata for my device,


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