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Hi Guys,

Could anybody tell me how I can buy a cheap or even used
Microcontroller programmer (M68HC12) and its necessary devices?
I'm new into this and need your advice.


Re: Motorola
You don't need to buy a programmer for the newer flash devices, like
the C32 or E128. You only need to connect them to a serial port and you
can use freeware programs to write to the flash memory.

Many people use the devices that have a lot of RAM (DP256 or DP512) for
development. They have a nice monitor program called d-bug12 that makes
it easy to debug programs using a serial port.

My free IDEs support d-bug12 and the C32 very well.

The exact tools you need depends on exactly which CPUs you have.


Re: Motorola

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who says this?

Did you ever get devices with the new serial monitor? AFAIK Freescale
ships only empty controllers.

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Who to get d-bug into the chip?

But there is a low cost BDM interface ("TBDML") at /

Oliver Betz, Muenchen (

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