MontaVista PreviewKit problems

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Hello, All!

    Few days ago I downloaded preview kit from MontaVista web-site. This kit
contains toolchain, utilities (like busybox etc.) and so on.
    My platform is AMD Alchemy AU1550 (MIPS32). Also I have linux kernel
sources supplied by AMD for their platform. So I was doing everything
according to documentation:
    1) install toolchain from montavista
    2) build kernel from AMD
    3) etc.

    First stage was OK, but while doing second one I've found that toolchain
from MontaVista doesn't have essential binary - mips_fp_le-nm, and I suppose
many others too.
    SO, is this common for MontaVista or just a mistake and I should install
additional tools separately ?

With best regards, Roman Mashak.  E-mail:

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