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Hiya ...

I'm looking for information on processor cores used in mobile/wireless
devices ... a number of friends i have floated the idea setting up shop
and developing on them. Information such a players in market? IDE's?
etc ... so far ARM and Codewarrior seem to have come up most, but i'm
seeking more input ...

Sorry for the huge scope of the question ... but thats kind of the
point .. trying to gather as much information/advice as i can.

cheers in advance for any help u can give ...

Re: mobile processors
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TI has the OMAP and now OMAP2 architectures. They have been very
successful in capturing a big chunk on the mobile device processor

Checkout the following link:

EventStudio System Designer 2.5 -
Sequence Diagram Based Real-time and Embedded System Design Tool

Re: mobile processors
TI DSPs with I think the Programmers Workbench from TI
Blackfin with the Visual DSP toolset from ADI
ARM with IAR or ARM Tools
I believe there are some mobiles with Freescale Coldfire
Agere Starcore and 16K DSP with Agere tools

I think a lot of the Cell phones with ARM have combined ARM+DSP in a single
piece of silicon. Other phones may have UI handled with one processor, GSM,
etc. with another processor and voice algorithms with another processor.
Each processor may be from adifferent vendor, run a different scheduler and
use different tools...all within the same phone. So the tools and RTOS are

Cell phones from all the big guys have a variety of Operating Systems, but I
think the main RTOS used are OSE, RTXC and Nucleus. So you could check out
what processors and tool chains those RTOSs are supported by.

Symbian apparently now has Real-Time extensions that allow it to do more
time-sensitive operations like reading the SIM card.


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Re: mobile processors
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From the feature-set at least it seems that the Intel PXA27x-s are targeted
to that market (and the PDA market) as well. Take a look...

Andras Tantos

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