MK715 Touch Controller Problem

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when i press my LCD with my MK715 touch controller and stay the
display touched, the interrupt repeats and repeats. Does anyone have
experience on how to led the interrupt execute only once upon each
touch independent of the time the display is touched. Upon release
followed by a touch again the interrupt should execute again of course
and so on.

Thanx Rainer

Re: MK715 Touch Controller Problem
I haven't looked at the specs, but these symptoms sound like it has
something to do with how you configured your interrupts. Perhaps you
are letting it interrupt you when the line goes low, instead of
letting it interrupt you only on a falling/rising edge interrupt. (Rainer Faulstich) wrote in message
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Re: MK715 Touch Controller Problem
I am looking for some information about using of MK715 Touch Screen
Controller. If you know anything about it please let me know. any language
programmes about MK715 ,I need to know how to use it.  

Re: MK715 Touch Controller Problem
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I couldn't find the datasheet on the part as it seems to be obsolete. From the
description I read, you get interrupts at fixed intervals while someone is
pressing the touchpad. I assume this is for operations like dragging icons
around or for painting where you need to keep up with any positional changes.

Maybe there is a command you can give the MK715 to do what you want. Or maybe
you have to live with the interrupts. You could set a timer on the first
interrupt. The interval should be more than the time for regular touchpad
updates. During subsequent touchpad interrupt, you would reset the timer and
return. When the timer 's interrupt happens due to timeout, you know the user
has let go of the touchpad and the timer can turn itself off. So your touchpad
interrupt routine would be like this:

if (timer on)
   return;   // not first touch, so ignore
  // first touch
   do whatever else you need to do on first touch


Re: MK715 Touch Controller Problem
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Perhaps your mouse driver is set to do the repeat function? - RM

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