MISRA-C2 availabe

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For those interested MISRA-C2  will be available from the 13th of

Hitex UK (who were involved in writing it) are taking advanced orders
for it. (see snipped-for-privacy@hitex.co.uk)  it will be 25 GBP the same as version 1

Also there is a http://www.misra-c.org web site It is somewhat sparse
and under construction at the moment but should have a web forum on it
in about 2 weeks.

You will be able to ask questions of the Working group. After the launch
work will start on a test suite.

\/\/\/\/\ Chris Hills  Staffs  England    /\/\/\/\/\
/\/\/ snipped-for-privacy@phaedsys.org       www.phaedsys.org \/\/

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