miniSD, SD, MMC : some new questions

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hi all,
 i have gone through some of the questinos regarding miniSD, SD and MMC
on net. here is my set of questions:
1. what is terminal guard?( usually mentioned as a difference between
miniSD and SD)
2. does miniSD have write protection switch?
3. if no(to question 2), why is it called 'miniSD'. it should have been
called a 'miniMMC'(beacuse of write protect switch)
4. does miniSD have copyright protection?
5. does SD,miniSD and MMC have XIP(execute in place) capability?
6. what is the access method of these flashes?(sequential or random)

thank you,

Re: miniSD, SD, MMC : some new questions
i also have some questions regarding Compact flash:
1. does it have write-protect switch?
1. terminal guards?
3. power protection(the way like SD have.. if there is no connection
between Vdd or Vss, data lines will act like power lines. what about
4.copyright protection?
5. XIP?

thank you

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