Metadeveloper, BDI1000, and LPC2124

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I am attempting to setup a debug environment for a Philips LPC2124 based
development board (Olimex LPC-H2124 is the board) using Arc Metadeveloper,
and an Abatron BDI1000 JTAG deugger.

I've been doing the email runaround with ARC off and on for a week now, and
am hoping that perhaps someone here has some experience with interfacing
their tools with a BDI1000.

The symptom that we are seeing are that when the debugger is launched by
metadeveloper, the processor is coming up in thumb mode.  The cpsr register
is supposed to be initialized by ARCs debugger to a value of 0x13, which is
to say not thumb mode.

Anyone have any hints or suggestions short of my next step which is to can
the whole debug setup and start over elsewhere?


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