memory counting using memtest86

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memtest86 (v 3.2) shows me that my laptop has a bad RAM address, at
0b5d9270. It also writes, beside the failing address, what appears to
be a memory count, in this case it writes 181.5MB.
However, when I convert 0b5d9270 from hex to dec, it corresponds to
190.7MB. This is almost 10MB difference and I'd like to find out which
one is correct because if I have to cut off anything about the lowest
bad address, I'll lose 10MB more if the first number is correct. Any
idea of what's going on? I've searched the net for similar situations
and all I could find is that my case is not unique, i.e. other people
report addresses that are always higher than the MB count that
memtest86 gives. To my surprise, nobody asks why ...

Re: memory counting using memtest86
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It's an old question.  The answer is that you're using different units.
  181 MiB = 190 MB.  See


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