mega103 compatibilty

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Hi all,

I have just began a new design around mega64 (AVR Atmel) and i spent a
long day on a strange mega64 behaviour because it was shipped with mega103
compatibilty mode enable in Extended fuse bits. Is that always true ?
After that pb resolved, i found another strange thing, mega64 always
programmed very well (uisp or sp12 dongles) even PEN is left unconnected.

Are there another important thing to do with mega64 or 128 ?
Have you some advice about ?


Re: mega103 compatibilty

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Yes, this is always true. Also for the 128. Another thing to think of is the
JTAG Enable. Did cost me some hours... Table 118/119 in pdf-descriptions of
the 128 tells you all this, but if you don't come to page 285 of the file -
well, I don't want to remember.


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Re: mega103 compatibilty
Le Fri, 11 Feb 2005 14:45:21 +0100, Michael Schuster a écrit :

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Many Thanks Michael


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