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Can anyone give me the meaning of semaphore and queues?For what sake it
is used?I checked in the site but not understood properly.

Re: Meaning
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Which of the ~2500000 hits when googling for 'semaphore'
doesn't give you enough information ?
Which 'site' did you check?

Stefan Naewe

Re: Meaning

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Semaphores are flags with an atomic test&set operation. That means, if
one process want to have a ressource, it checks wether this resource
ist free and if it is free it will set it occupied. This test&set may
not be interrupted, because if in the interrupt the state changes, the
check is incorrect. Semaphores are used for all ressource not shareble.

Queues are data structures with an atomic put and get. So if one
process puts something in the queue this something will not get mixed
up with any other something put in the queue. Queues are used to pass
data from many processes to one process.

Regards, Kurt
Kurt Harders
PiN -Prsenz im Netz GITmbH
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Re: Meaning
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Semaphore is a signalling system, using flags and arm positions to denote
alphanumeric characters.
The CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) symbol is an overlay of the
diagrams for the semaphore letters "C" "N" "D".

Queues are mechanisms for sucking the lifeblood out of shoppers or post
office customers.


BTW, when is our homework assignment due?

Re: Meaning

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Do you mean


That is just N

   / \

superimposed on D


No C involved


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