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Hi everybody,

I hope somebody can help me. I've a Evaluation board for the ColdFire
MCF5272. I using the CodeWarrior from Metowerks. I tryed to get
running the usb-software from Motorola. The usb-software for the host
(PC) is running incloding the drivers for windows 2000. I tryed to run
the usb-sandalone software on the evaluation board. If the software is
runnig in the CodeWarrior Debug Modus and I connect the Usb-cable the
softwar crahes. The Assembler stops at the __BS_START with the adress

Has somebody any idear, what the problem should be?


Re: MCF5272
As  I remember me, the sample code from motorola is for the MCF5272-C3
evaluation board.
If your board is also a MCF5272-C3 then the sample should work.

Some tips :

We had problems with debugging our programs when the instruction cache was
turned on.
So we removed the line

/* Turn Instruction Cache ON */

from sysinit.c in our debug version and added it again in our release.

If you don't have changed the chip select initialization in the demos, then
the address 0xFFE0805C is an address in the flash memory and this memory
region is usually not writable unless you write functions to write into it.
I wonder how you made it to download the image with your debugger into
flash, run the image from flash and debug via your BDM.

You can also have a look on your CS programming. For the sample progs the
memory layout is described in the MCF5272C3 manual. The same layout is used
in the startup files mcf252_lo.s and sysinit.c.
The configuration in your debugger must be set to the same settings.

If nothing helps try to ask a pleasant guy called Ron in the
codewarrior.embedded  newsgroup



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