MC68HC908GP32, Monitor mode.

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I have problem with Monitor Mode in MC68HC908GP32. I try to programme
this uC so I use PROG08SZ programmer (on Windows 2003). I made Normal
Monitor Mode Circuit from AN2317/D Application Note (page 9):
but I used a 8 MHz oscillator. My GP32 connections are show below:
    RST -> Vdd (with pull-up resistor)
    IRQ -> Vtst (8.35V)
    Vdda, Vdd, Vddad -> Vdd (5V)
    PTA7, PTC1, PTC3 -> GND
    Vss, Vssad, Vssa -> GND
    PTC0 -> Vdd
I think that are everything all right, but PROG08SZ always showns this
    Attempting half baud reset of HC08 device ... Unsuccessful
    Trying Security $FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    (Failure of 68HC08 to respond properly. Check connections)

Please tell me that I do wrong?
I thank very much in advance for your help.

PS. Please forgive my English, but I have still learnt it.

Re: MC68HC908GP32, Monitor mode.

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I would bet that the 8 MHz oscillator is the problem.  The internal
monitor is going to assume the 9.8304 MHz shown in the App Note
when doing the baud rate calculations to get 9600 baud.  When you
use the 8 MHz it is probably operating at 9600 * 8/9.8304 = 7812 baud.
Just a guess.  If you have a 10 MHz oscillator that is probably close

Dave Rooney

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