Many USB devices on the same HOST port

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My company is developing a new USB device product. The idea is allow n (0 <=
n < 100) devices to be connected to the same HOST port (through m USB hubs).
The device will use a propietary protocol, in other words the devices will
not appear as CDC or mass storage.

A question the have araised is if a standard Windows XP are capable of
handling the man devices on the same HOST port? We have done some tests with
massa storage devices, and when we get up to ten or so we get into problems,
XP dosn't seem to detect the devices, etc. Anyone tried something like this?

// Fred J
Dataton R&D

Re: Many USB devices on the same HOST port

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Look on for specs
I think max off of one port is 127 devices.  There is a limit to the number of
hubs you can daisy chain.
5 hubs maximum. 16 feet per link. If you are using unpowered hubs look at the
power used.  too much and it will not work.

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