MachXO - not released, but already supported by Aldec !!

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surprise surprise, all documents where the name of the new (to be announced
this friday?) Lattice non volatile FPGA like PLD device carry a
'confidential' notice, but running google search on

machXO there are 2 hits already, one chinese, and one from Aldec who claims
that the new update to their tools include support for Lattice machXO
already !!

I guess its already friday at the place where Aldec HQ is located :), or
maybe they just dont care about the confidential clause.

good PR for Aldec, I would never had any thoughs about evaluation their
tools, now I may even do so!


Re: MachXO - not released, but already supported by Aldec !!
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sorry again, all the time posting comp.arch.fpga here, need to have more
sleep. or maybe I should try on old suggestion from my friend to cut off 37
of my fingers (to speed down typing speed)? would not be posting to wrong
newsgroups so often anymore i guess.

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