LPC2114 - where to buy?

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We'd like to use the Philips LPC2114 in a new design (we need 8 capture
channels, a serial port etc.), but all the dealers say the lead time is
24 weeks.  We can't possibly wait this long to have a pilot series
manufactured.  Is there any place where we could buy, say 50 of these
MCU's _now_ or do we need to use some other chip?

I would consider using the new Atmel AT91SAM... chips, but they aren't
available yet (not even the datasheets).

(Of course, Motorola HC12, MCore etc. could be used, but they are way
too expensive and we are using ARM chips for almost everything now, so..)



Re: LPC2114 - where to buy?
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Future Electronics has them in stock, according to their web site. You'll
probably have to buy a whole tray, though.


Re: LPC2114 - where to buy?
On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 14:02:50 +0100, "Leon Heller"

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You might also need a shipping address in the USA. Because of
restrictions placed on them by Philips they are only allowed to supply
Philips components to North American region. We had a similar problem
where the local agents quoted 14 weeks delivery while Future Inc has
them in stock. We had to organise a destination address in the USA,
and get a third party to ship the components to us. These type of
restrictions are a pain, and I whish the semiconductor companies that
still have this policy, stop it. Most people prefer to buy from a
local agent if their service is good and price reasonable. If an agent
on the other side of the world provides better service / price then
one should be free to use them.

   Anton Erasmus

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