Low power LCD driver

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I am trying to drive a 320x240 LCD using an ARM microcontoller and some
SRAM, all for an average of less than 1mA. I cant find an ARM7 MCU with
a 320x240 driver (bw, 1-bitter STN, slow refresh).

Where can I find an external LCD driver that can do all this for 40uA
or lower? Or better is there an ARM7 mcu with a built in LCD driver to
match this lcd? The MCU must have an external memory interface.

Re: Low power LCD driver
On 28 Dec 2005 11:52:56 -0800, the renowned "ghazanhaider"

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Sharp has some ARM7 parts that are used in this class of application,
with external memory interface and programmable LCD controller.

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Re: Low power LCD driver
Wow. Sharp was the first place I browsed mcus, for some reason missed
the LCD part. These fit the bill perfect. I've just been fixated on the
lpc2000 parts since.


Re: Low power LCD driver
I am using 320x240 graphic lcd with epson controller interfaced with
ARM7. If u need further details contact me.

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