Low cost SBC with IDE interface

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I am looking for a small SBC that includes serial, Ethernet, and an
IDE interface for connection to a CompactFlash or disk drive.  I have
been using an AVR based board from EDTP, but it has been discontinued.

I am not wed to AVR.  Coldfire, ARM, x86, or whatever works is fine.
I would prefer a board with solid support for the GNU toolchain.

The board need not include an OS or file system.  My simple
application will communicate via serial and Ethernet, and read/write
the CompactFlash or disk drive connected to the IDE interface using
low level sector I/O.  My application will boot from SBC boot flash.
There is no requirement to boot from the CompactFlash or disk drive,
which serve only as data devices.

I am looking for a low cost SBC, not an embedded PC.  This is simple

Any recommendations for board vendors?



Re: Low cost SBC with IDE interface

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Re: Low cost SBC with IDE interface
Gee, almost any small micro will work for you,even the lowly PIC will do all
of the above and for 10 bucks...Probably the cheapest and simplest route to
Or you could 'clone' what you already have.
or be prepared to spend some real coins for this project. A dollar amount
would be helpful as well as your level of programming capability. As I said
earlier PICs will do this, have for years. It all depends on your
requirements for speed,cost and expertise.


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