Low-Cost IXP425 Development Board

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I'm looking for an inexpensive IXP425 development board (< $500). The
Intel's IXDP425 & ADI's Coyote are quite expensive(> $2500 is what the
price info I got from some vendors..Is it really so expensive?).This is
just to get hands-on experience with Linux on XScale.It would be better
if the board supports expansion, for ex. a provision to add a
SLIC/CODEC interface to HSS & close to IXDP425 or Coyote in design.
Thanks in Advance


Re: Low-Cost IXP425 Development Board
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If an IXP420 with only one of the ethernet ports
available is acceptable, you might try the Linksys NSLU2.
It's cheap (~$50US), runs Redboot, has a USB ECHCI host
controller with 2 USB ports.

see http://www.openslug.org for Linux dist.

The only expansion, however is the USB bus.

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