looking for inexpensive connectors

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I'm looking for an inexpensive connector to run about 100
signals between two boards stacked in parallel.  low edge rates,
a low number of insertions, no high current, commercial temp is
fine.  I would love something with a shroud, but can probably do
without.  I need a small footprint (ie pin pitch <= 1.27mm/0.050")
and a stack height greater than 5mm

Right now I'm using a pair of Samtec SMT 0.050" 2x25 headers, but
their pricing seems high.  Anybody have any guidance on vendors
who generally have good pricing on connectors and any specific
parts that were cost effective for this kind of stuff?  Maybe
something often used in laptops?


Re: looking for inexpensive connectors
On Thu, 02 Sep 2004 03:23:28 GMT, Andrew Dyer

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I have used high density connectors from Hirose in the past. They are
a bit more difficult to get than the Samtec parts, but they are quite
a bit cheaper.  I do not have their catalog with me so I cannot give
you a part number.

   Anton Erasmus

Re: looking for inexpensive connectors
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A lot of these interconnects come from the big Japanese vendors: JAE,
Hirose, Honda. JAE in particular.

These parts are very cheap in quantity, but are not intended for

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