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Hi all,
I am looking for some fax software packages (V.34, V.17, V.29,
V.27ter, V.21 Channel 2, T.30) in C5000 platform. Any suggestion?


Re: Looking for Fax software
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Only the T.30 spec has anything directly to do with fax, it's the Group 3
standard.  All the others are modem specs.

The fax signal actually runs at two speeds.  There is a low speed (300 bps
sync) component used for signalling / handshaking and a high speed (1200 bps
and up) component for the image transmission.

Are you trying to both on the C5000?  Such as sampling the telepone audio
and extracting the fax data?

I may be able to help with the fax end, but probably not with the V series

ExoTech R&D, Inc.

Re: Looking for Fax software
snipped-for-privacy@usa.com (Amy) wrote in message
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   I used to work for this Gao Research Inc. I think their color fax
packages are perfect for you. you can visit to their website at
http://www.gaoresearch.com/ for more infomation.

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