looking for an embedded solution

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i hope this is not OT.
I need to port an application for pocket pc on a single board computer.
The huge problem is gprs connectivity, on the pda(eten p300 gsm/gprs) i
can easily connect using pocket pc API.
How can i reach this on a sbc?
Is there a ready to use solution, with integrated gprs(with wince
Maybe a pc104 sbc with a gprs pc104 module?
Thanks in advance

Re: looking for an embedded solution

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Can't you attach a GPRS-capable cellphone via USB, or perhaps a PCMCIA
GPRS card?

Re: looking for an embedded solution
On 8 Jul, in article

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Recently did some looking on the subject if you look for GSM/GPRS modules
you can find PCMCIA, PC104, serial external and many other variants.
However my basic view is

        PCMCIA and USB are commodity products don't expect the
        same software and/or hardware model in 6 months time.
        A software version control and maintenance nightmare.
        PCMCIA on PC104 means getting an adapter board which are
        not always supported under wince.

        PC104 are available but are expensive 5 - 10 times the
        cost of USB/PCMCIA but likely to be around longer.
        Not seen much wince support for them.

        Serial external, minimal software and with TCP/IP stacks
        on some, likely to be around for longer and 2 - 3 times
        cost of PCMCIA/USB devices.

Email direct if you want further details.

Paul Carpenter          | snipped-for-privacy@pcserviceselectronics.co.uk
<http://www.pcserviceselectronics.co.uk/ PC Services
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Re: looking for an embedded solution
Thank you for the reply, after hours of research on google i think i
will use a via mini-itx
with usb or cf GPRS modem.
Thanks again

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