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For re-compilation and minor changes in a Borlandc 3.1 project for an
embedded system, we are looking to purchase an older version of Paradigm
Locate and Debug/RT.

The source code is quite old and the engineer who did the project is not
available any more, so we do not want to port the code to the newer
versions of Paradigm. The paradigm package we used to own cannot be
found any more.

Any version that worked with Borlandc 3.1 should be all right.

Please mail me for offers, at:

Thank you


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Re: Locate and Debug/RT
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Do you detect something useless about this, when your From:
address is completely valid as it stands, and is the portion that
spammers scan anyhow by downloading headers from news servers?
All you are doing is making things harder for the people you
really want to contact.

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