linking error with : reads c compiler from rigel

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I included cSio51.h for folowing functions :
   - putc (puts a character on screen)
   - getc (gets a character from input)
   - PrtDec (prints an intiger in decimal on screen)
   - printf (print a string of characters on screen)
When i call one of these functions and compile the file, i get an linking error

Is there a replacement function for scanf (or to read a string)

Re: linking error with : reads c compiler from rigel
On 1 May 2004 09:51:43 -0700, jan (Jan Goormans)
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Use fgets() followed by strtok() or by "manual" parsing. Either is more
likely to behave better in the face of format errors than scanf().
Explicit parsing will likely also have a smaller code footprint.

Rich Webb   Norfolk, VA

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