LCD module integration

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I'm trying to build a display board with 320x240 dots RGB (6-bits each
LCD module. Any recommendations for a particular manufacturer will b
helpful. Also, I would like to know the associated chips which I need t
use to interface to the lcd module. I find that some lcd's require 15v an
-15v supply and others require inverter etc. Is there any simple lcd modul
which I can use. Or if someone can give a normal procedure for building
board with lcd module will be helpful. Any help will be appreciated.


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Re: LCD module integration
you first have to get lcd controllers and stuff. try searching au
optronics. i also need help with this. i am trying to interface a ccd
with an lcd. if u learn anything pls let me know.

Re: LCD module integration

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Sounds like you have an active TFT QVGA LCD, those LCD usualy require only
3.3V or 5V power supply. Passive STN LCD might need 3.3V/5V for logic and
15V-25V for LCD.
Color LCDs come with CCFL backlight. You would neet to  get a separate
backlight controller to drive it since it requires hundreds of volts.
Most cost effective solution would be to choose a micro with built in color
graphics LCD controller like Sharp ARM7 devices LH75401/LH75411 or number
of ARM9 if you need more horsepower.
If you have already chosen your processor, then Epson offers various LCD
drivers with internal and external video RAM.
Any way you proceed, best start is to get a dev kit that can drive LCD, with
this you normally get reference schematics and BOM.


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