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  Does anyone have a good Algorithm to scroll text across an 8 character
lcd display using the microchip c18 c compiler library. I would
appreciate any help

Thank You


Re: LCD Algorithm
Most text LCDs provide a function that allows you to shift/scroll the
display left or right. If you want to scroll up/down the 8 chars.. that a
whole different thing.

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Re: LCD Algorithm

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do {
    string[0] = string[1];
    string[1] = string[2];
    string[2] = string[3];
    string[3] = string[4];
    string[4] = string[5];
    string[5] = string[6];
    string[6] = string[7];
    string[7] = new_char;
} while scrolling();

Rich Webb   Norfolk, VA

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