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I've been trying to figure out if samsung laptops with different
suffixes are always compatible like L01 L02 and L04.  According to
samsung the last number indicates the number of LVDS channels.  In two
channel operation one channel carries odd rows and one carries the
evens.  An etailers FAQ indicates that these suffixes are just lot
numbers and trivial differences, but it would seem otherwise.  Can the
chip on the laptop side always negotiate the number of channels to use
with the chip on the LCD?  So can a 1 channel LCD replace a 2 channel
LCD or vice versa? Please help.

Re: laptop lvds channels
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That might be true for recent LCDs but it's not true historically.
Often the first couple of pages of the "customer acceptance
specification" Samsung provides you will show what the actual
difference is between the suffixes.

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